Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It has been god only knows how long since I have blogged…

Now I’m 6 months deep into newborn life (can I even call him a newborn now?!) with our second bub while wrangling a 3 year old, oh yeah and resurfacing from the corona virus shit storm we have all been experiencing. Holy hat, no wonder I’m exhausted!

So what does one do when the 3 year old returns to kinder and you’re finding some kind of normality again? Well I can think of a few things I would rather be doing, but with a sleeping babe in the next room I’m finding myself house bound with limited options as to what I can do (much like what we experienced in lockdown, so not much has changed really!)

When I first launched this website back in 2015 (pre-kids) I had every intention of writing a weekly blog and filling it with beautiful photos and talk about my amazing floral adventures… what a goose! Firstly, as many fellow florists know there is little spare time to write blogs let alone quote, invoice, email, do market runs, arrange flowers etc. and then florist mums will know we’re lucky to even have time to scratch ourselves (don’t worry, this will not turn into another mummy blog!)


It has been a challenge trying to find the time to source flowers and arrange them to stimulate the creative side of my brain, and although writing is definitely not the same as getting my hands dirty with arranging, it does seem to fill the void, for now anyway. And what can you expect to read in the future? Well I have a couple of things in mind, some Q&A sessions with friends and fellows in the wedding and event industry as well as amazing people doing super cool things outside of this industry, and some ramblings about whatever topic comes to mind! **Disclaimer: I’m definitely not going to set any ridiculous goals of blogging weekly (I’ve been guilty of doing that before, then insert kids and I kissed that goal goodbye).

So there, I’ve ripped the band aid off, it may be another couple of months till you hear from me but it’s a start! Oh, and to make it relevant I’ve included some flower pics just to remind you it's a florists blog, in case you had forgotten...

P.S if you have any blog topics or questions you would like me to cover, holler at me!