Florist Alice Shepherd from She’s a Wildflower shares her expert advice on displaying flowers and foliage around the home.

“Having flowers in your home can lift the mood and give your otherwise dreary kitchen corner an immediate face-lift.  And the good news is, floral displays don’t have to be over-arranged or over-complicated.

1. To keep your flowers looking fresher for longer re-cut the stems, fill a vase with clean water and change the water every day if possible. Pop them in the vase and you’ll have a simple display to admire for the week!

2. When conditioning your flowers (that’s removing foliage below the water line), place any little offcuts in a small bud vase and place them around the home

3. For an on-trend look, opt for a large bunch of foliage instead of flowers. I’m loving eucalyptus gum at the moment or a simple bunch of seasonal blooms. My favourite winter blooms right now are large king proteas

4. Place a small branch of eucalyptus leaves in a vase and display it in the bathroom. The steam from the hot water will unleash the  beautiful natural aroma of the eucalyptus

5. Group three different sized vases together with one variety of flower in each to create a pretty visual impact.  This arrangement is so simple to achieve and will look great in a bare corner of a large room”