In your time of giving or receiving flowers, have you ever witnessed someone screw up their nose in disgust? Or hear them mention how horrible they are? Or even worse – cry with sadness rather than happiness? Ok, well I’ll be honest – if someone handed me a bunch of Gerbera’s I might just do all of the above… but that’s because they are my least preferred flower – I have a lot of favourites if that makes up for it? I digress!

I have a feeling that you may have answered “no” to these questions, and for good reason. Who on earth could not and would not smile or show some sign of happiness after being given a bunch, posy, bouquet or arrangement of sorts? No one, and that’s because flowers are to be enjoyed whatever the occasion may be – to celebrate happiness in ones life be it a new born baby, or to celebrate a life once lived.

But why do we feel that we should only buy flowers to make someone else happy? What happened to looking after numero uno in the happiness department? As a florist it brings me great satisfaction when customers buy flowers for themselves as a form of reward. We shouldn’t wait to be given flowers by our partners for cleaning the house, because lets face it – they don’t even notice its clean in the first place, so if they don’t notice that – are they going to notice the $20 missing from their wallet that contributed to the bunch of flowers sitting on the kitchen table?! And if it makes you happy, you know it’s going to make them happy too (until the actually realize that $20 was spent on the flowers).

We all owe it to ourselves to be happy and share this feeling with others. So, next time your passing the local florist, swing in and buy yourself and a lucky loved one (or a complete random person for that matter) a stem, a bunch, a posy, a bouquet, or half the shop - anything to make yourself and them smile in happiness!